Industrial Ecology

2 Jahre
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Industrial Ecology is an emergent scientific discipline that promotes a systemic approach to human problems, integrating technical, environmental and social aspects.

It is argued that this approach will show the way to sustainable development. For that reason Industrial Ecology is considered to be the ‘toolbox for sustainable development’ or the ‘science of sustainability’.

The Master’s in Industrial Ecology is a co-operation between two Dutch universities:

• Leiden University (Faculty of Science)
• Delft University of Technology (Faculty of Applied Sciences)

Both universities deliver an equivalent contribution to the overall teaching programme.

Career opportunities:
Graduates of the Industrial Ecology programme will be able to analyse sustainability dilemmas in real life, to create and initiate innovative technological solutions, and to come up with tools and strategies for management and policy in the field of industrial ecology.

Industrial ecology is a new scientific field that provides graduates with promising opportunities in different fields:

• Intermediate functions in large companies considering sustainability issues
• System design functions in companies and governments
• Initiators of innovation in industry and government and non-government organisations
• Scientific research in the field of industrial ecology or related fields such as green engineering, environmental sciences, or innovation and transition management.

Some students will become industrial ecology scientists working at universities and research institutes, developing the field. Their profession will be to develop and teach thinking about sustainability and sustainable development, to the benefit of those who have to put this into practice.

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